Pondering Home, Pondering You

Past 10pm and I am staring blankly at the roof of my side of the bunk bed. This is when I just thought of how beautiful it is to know one day that someone prayed and asked for you. One day when you are openly sharing stories with someone you just tell people about (way before you met him.)

Would he feel like home as they told me? Do I just know it when he comes?

I had my fair share of married friends who told me “when you know, you know” and that their husband just “felt like home”. And I still find myself wondering just how is that??? I have been so curious to know. I have been thinking too what home means to me. Home has been family, and home feels comfortable..but home also didn’t always felt good to come to. Did they mean that kind of home?

I am sorry if you came here for answers; I had just questions today. And I want to drop it here for if that day comes that the answer come in front of me. I’ll come back and tell you once I know that I know. Maybe then I’ll be able to explain more how “home” feels like.


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