To the anxious one

Dear strong one,

I know it’s been long since you enjoyed the gentle brushes of the wind during an afternoon walk. You must have been missing coffee breaks with your constant coffee buddies by now. The unplanned date nights with someone special. That surprise call and quick drive to somewhere you can cry your heart out. But let me tell you that you are not missing out. Not when the whole world is also in isolation and misses everything that you have also been longing for.

You are not missing out. But soon you might be, if you fail to embrace what this season of isolation brings: Sleeping and waking up with family, that unhurried morning coffee, the extra hours of quality time with the kids, the chance to see the sunset or the sun still up after work, and the introspection you couldn’t do just because “you don’t have time.”

Aren’t these the things we said we miss just last year? Or perhaps 4 or more years ago when we noticed that the world is moving unbelievably fast since? Isn’t this quiet and slowness today the one that you were longing for in that time now gone?

So dear strong one, maybe it’s time that you stop longing for what’s not in the season you are in. Do not wish to see showers when you feel pain under the summer heat; and do not summon the sun to show up when you are uncomfortably soaked in the rain. Let the season be, and let the season feel as it is.

It is time to be real with your emotions and admit that as much as you wanted everything planned out, you just can’t. And that is okay. Feeling scared, frustrated, worried, are all human emotions. And let me remind you that you are human. You are allowed to be not okay. But do not stop there.

1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all anxities on God because He cares for you. He cares and is willing to be relied on, so give it all out. He can carry all the baggage and walk with you till your steps become lighter. You may have all your plans fail, but His don’t. He never failed and He never will.

So strong one, it’s okay not to now what’s next. God knows. Embrace the new normal of surrendering to God and prepared to be embraced by Him everyday. God is the only one who changes seasons. This may not be your favorite, but seasons come and go; and God is still very much in control.



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