Why don’t you ask?

Two weeks ago I was in a coffee shop in a province that is not my hometown. Naturally, I know nothing about the place since I won’t rather visit if not for work. And so I don’t know whether that small cafe have their own comfort room. Little did I know that this once instance can be used by God to remind me of one powerful thing I learned so far in my walk with the Lord that is, “Ask.”

And I am not even talking about asking for things, but just the act of asking when you do not know things. And I am saying this because it can save you a lot of time, energy and pain when you ask.

At that time, knowing nothing at all about the layout of the building, I could have just run out of the cafe assuming that the nearest comfort room is within the mall premises, making myself so exhausted and frustrated because of the urgency to use the toilet. If I did I could have started grumbling things like “why would a cafe not have their own toilet” or “why would a cafe choose a location far from the toilet” — and so I was glad that I asked and did not assume. Because honestly from the counter’s view I saw nothing like a way leading to a toilet; but because I asked, to my surprise, there was a narrow path beside the counter I could have mistaken as just a “personnel only” room if I kept on assuming. I saved myself from meaningless running here and there to search for something that was actually available from where I was.

I don’t know if you’re wondering what I am blabbering about here but I am also trying to say that sometimes, God even uses small happenings like this in our lives to teach us practical lessons. The God I know of is not only God that I know only in text, but is the God ever present in every detail in my life, no matter how small the details are, He is there to guide and remind.

Have you ever had moments like this when you are just grateful that you did not act out of impulse or out of your own assumptions? Have you had moments like this when things turned out better because you paused and did not let worry take over? Have you ever found yourself safer and more secure just because you sought advice?

If not, I dare you to try. When a moment of crisis comes, won’t you try considering to pause and ask God first and foremost, and ask people; before you dive head onto anything?

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. – Proverbs 11:14 ESV


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